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 Dear Editor:  

(Regarding High Tide item about New Park pizza) Nope. New Park Pizza, which serves a very fine slice, is not in Broad Channel. ‘New Park,' as it is locally known, is and has been for 65 years in Howard Beach, at the corner of Cross Bay Blvd. and 157th Ave. On Cross Bay, yes. In Broad Channel, no.

Broad Channel has the longstanding (and very good) Tommy's Pizza. For a while we also had Rocco's Pizza, which was about one door away from Tommy's.

I know. There was even a Broad Channel Mardi Gras parade float one year spoofing this. There were two boxers labeled 'Tommy's' and 'Rocco's.' Hmmm. Maybe this person is thinking of Tommy's? Anyway, I hope nobody put money on New Park being in Broad Channel!

Dan Guarino

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