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Dear Editor:

Since 6:30 a.m. on September 7, 2021, the dunes area between Beach 116-117th Streets has been used as a staging ground for the rock jetties. At 7 a.m. on the dot, at least 12-18 trucks dump boulders and rocks of all sizes on the beach approximately 100 feet or less from my building. Throughout the rest of the day the trucks continue to dump and rearrange rocks into large mounds of three stories high. The noise is horrendous. The vibrations are unnerving and the dust from the rocks is finding its way into the apartments situated so closely to the rock mountains. The contractors have the area for one year for phase I and two more years for possible other projects. Phase I was supposed to end by the summer but latest reports are that it will continue during the summer.

One of my concerns is the long-term effects of the vibrations on the buildings near this area. The contractors have two machines measuring vibrations in the building that only measure vibrations on a one-off basis but they cannot tell us what the effects of long-term vibrations of this magnitude will be. More immediately, my biggest concern is the dust that is spreading into apartments. Rock and stone dust can be toxic to inhale, even as short-term as 3 months. Air purifiers really aren't helping. Bad enough now with windows closed but when the warmer weather comes, what are we to do when we are not able to open our windows or use our a/c during the heat?

This is a very difficult situation to be in. Although the project might be for the good of the peninsula, the way the staging area is configured so close to the building is an undue burden for us. At the very least, the mountains need to be moved farther away from the buildings.

In September and October, I wrote to the Army Corps of Engineers and to our representatives to no avail. Through this letter, I am now reaching out to our new City Councilwoman Ariola for assistance and our neighbors for support. I am appealing to anyone who could help us.  Thank you.

Noreen Horan

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