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Dear Editor:

Get your heads out of the sand and look around! Our beloved Rockaway beach side community is being targeted with overdevelopment by greedy developers and city officials that are approving it. Rezoning requests being approved to allow bigger and higher construction. Maybe not right in your immediate neighborhood but just a few blocks away or on your morning or evening commuter routes or maybe in a neighborhood where your friends and family live.

Maybe you are not aware or don't really care because again these development projects are not in "your neighborhood." Since our campaign opposing Surfside development started, I woke up and this is what I see and hear: Far Rockaway Village, Edgemere, Arverne East, Peninsula Hospital site, Community House site, around the corner from Community House sites, Surfside Property proposal, Storage facility on RBB and B106 St, B116th Street Sand Bar site, Chai House site... and it will go on.

So I ask you when will we wake up? With these development projects comes more people to park, to drive, need schools, need transportation, need hospitals, need an evacuation plan, need utilities, and much more.

We need to understand that all of Rockaway is our neighborhood. The fabric of our Rockaway will be changed forever. We will all be impacted by this development. We need to say enough is enough!

On a more personal note, the Surfside proposal alone is proposing three 20 story towers with 2,000 new units, with 1,800 garaged parking spots but will be built on top of the existing three buildings that have 750 units with 550 parking spots. What is not said (which is a lot) is that the project eliminates most of the parking for the existing tenants. This is just one downside to the proposal but one I thought we could all relate to.

I am asking you at this time to take the first step in joining the campaign opposing development in Rockaway. Please sign the SHAFT online petition opposing the development proposal on the Surfside property: https://chng.it/zfY6LYsM 

Thank you.
Barbara Buffolino

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