Groin Pains

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Dear Editor:

Let's not forget the elephant in the room. This photo is taken from my Living Room.  When I rented this apartment 3 years ago it included "Direct Ocean Views".  So how about this? Out of 149 blocks this monstrosity landed directly in front of all my "Ocean View" windows.

The top Army Corps representative, when asked why the staging area was not placed downtown by three blocks, his response was "our trucks cannot function on sand. That would have entailed creating a gravel path."

Oh! You mean like the one that was created for the head honcho supervisors in the long low white building? That gravel path was created in two days and similarly one from 116th to 113th would have taken the same time.

Hopefully, yet unfortunately, I will be moving elsewhere, and none too soon. Still on the beach, but far far away from this misbegotten crashing eyesore that has taken a huge gouge out of my retirement pleasure.

Glenn Lawson

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