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 Dear Editor:

The new draft of the Redesigned Queens Bus Network report states one of the objectives is to improve interborough travel. Yet no route is proposed over the Marine Parkway Bridge to Sheepshead Bay subway station via the Belt Parkway as I proposed several years ago. A 20-minute trip by car should not take 90 minutes to two hours by bus. However, they are proposing a direct route from East New York to Sunnyside for which there is zero demand.

The MTA claims their proposed network "was driven by customer feedback." Yet they make the same proposal to eliminate Newport Ave bus service as they have proposed three times before, each time rejected by CB 14. Now they also want to truncate the Q22 at B116 Street so as to require two buses just to travel within Rockaway.

Bus stop removal for lightly utilized stops such as on Rockaway Beach Blvd does not speed buses, but just increases walking distance to 1/2 mile, twice the distance recommended by their own guidelines. This will discourage bus use. Sign the petition.   

Infrequent bus frequencies are not being improved. Rockaway is definitely getting the short end of the stick. Let your elected officials know.

Allan Rosen, Brooklyn

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