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 Dear Editor:

I'd like to congratulate Ms. Joan Diehl, Creative Writing teacher at PS/MS 114 on last week’s column of excerpted essays by her students on the end of required masks. As a former high school, college teacher, and weekly columnist, I know the importance of proper writing skills. It requires organization, research, critical thinking, planning, attention to spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Writing is a skill that needs to be nurtured and practiced, just as playing an instrument or sport skills. John Evangelista, a 4th grader in the school recently shared an essay with me, Dedicated to People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated. It was well written, and I recently made him my guest columnist. Kudos to Principal, Ms. Wellsome, and teacher, Ms. Diehl. You should be proud that your students are being prepared for high school and beyond. Rockaway Times Publisher Kevin Boyle is also to be acknowledged for using his paper to support and encourage young writers.

John W. Roberts

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