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 Dear Editor:

Scuttlebutt around town is the old Tuberculosis hospital turned nursing home before being vacated in the ‘90s is about to be demolished. The property that straddles Neponsit and Riis Park is a prime location for Senator Schumer to keep one of his many long-lost campaign promises he made to us to send him to D.C.: A Pool. NYS has deemed the property to be used for a health care facility. For a beach community, it is a perfect fit!  Swimming is not only healthy, it actually could save your life.

An ocean fed Olympic-sized pool, with a kiddie pool and diving tank is exactly what this community needs. Spring lake, NJ can be used as a template. The benefits of an aquatic center are innumerable. Swim teams, clubs, first responders and everybody else would have access to this world class facility. Where else would there be a better place for the USCG Rescue swimmers, NYPD Scuba, FDNY Water Rescue and NYC Lifeguards to train and hone their skills?

This is a Win-Win for all. Literally. So the only thing left to do is put Chuckie-boy's feet to the fire. The politician swore up and down he would do this THIRTY YEARS AGO! Time's up Chuck. I urge all my neighbors in the Rockaways to fire up that old AOL account, pick up the phone and go Maxine Waters' on Schumer and every other do nothing elected official and DEMAND our pool.

It took 50 years for the USACE to put the rock jetties in. That was 10 years after Sandy. That was NOT ACCEPTABLE. We should not have to put up with that. The time has come. The time is now to demand action, Action, ACTION! Call every useless politician and demand WHERE'S OUR POOL?!

James O’Brien

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