Preventable Tragedies

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 Dear Editor:

Unfortunately, many tragic events happened on Friday, June 17 involving the need for many emergency vehicles from FDNY, EMT and NYPD. Because it was not the weekend and the weather not being ideal, the emergency vehicles were free to get access to the boardwalk and beach without any interference with cars parked on the south side of SFP. I have attached pictures that the freedom of access the emergency vehicles had.

Just another reason and probably the most important reason to prevent the parking on the beach side of Shore Front Parkway. Not only are we talking about extra cars parking, but the congestion it creates which slows down the response to emergencies.

We need to take control and eliminate the extra vehicles that are being allowed to create havoc and congestion on SFP.

I cannot write this letter without mentioning the responsibility of the Parks Department to protect the visitors to the beach. Provide lifeguards before there is more loss of life.

Barbara Buffolino

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