A Kind Face

Be Well Be Happy

One of my favorite poems by St. Francis of Assisi is “A Kind Face.” It has been a powerful and uplifting source of encouragement in these times of unrest. We never know the struggles of another person, so being kind and compassionate is a gift to others. I beg you all to be kind to one another. Words can be used in a positive, encouraging way or they could cut through like a sword. One kind word, one kind face, one kind act could make all the difference in one’s life.

A Kind Face by St. Francis of Assisi Joy is the greatest cleanser, and it is the greatest testimony to our faith.

“Toil with happiness,” my Lord once said to me. God sent a servant on an errand through a dangerous part of the world. The servant, having received in hand what God wanted delivered, turned to the Holy and said, “My Beloved Master, do you have a final instruction?” and God replied, “A kind face is a precious gift.”

Most people wearing masks to cover their mouths no longer seem to smile. Typically, you can tell if the person is smiling through their eyes. Personally, I like wearing the mask to cover my facial flaws! But I love to smile, hence the permanent wrinkles around by mouth and eyes. A kind face brings such joy and pleasure to all those we meet on our path. The unfriendly face or eyes convey coldness and heartless attitude. I believe a positive mindset can help change the world into a beautiful place to live.

My late mother in law, Catherine Kilgallen always said to me, it doesn’t cost anything to be nice! She tried to inspire us all to be kind people. Her smile was contagious and heartwarming. She was friendly and such a pleasure to be around.  Never heard her complain and, trust me, there were plenty of things she could have lamented about. It was not in her nature to whine or complain. My only regret is that I did not have her in my life for long; she would have been a wonderful mother-in-law. I am grateful to have met her gentle soul.

There are many kind people in the world. In fact, there are more good than bad. As I write this column it is Paulette’s birthday, my business partner and dearest friend. She is the definition of kind. Her heart is wide open to all beings and she always tries to find the best in everyone she meets. She is a giver and an empath. She oversees and cares for her dear mom and never grumbles about the huge responsibility. She simply does what she has to in a very kind, selfless, compassionate way. 

Thank you for being kind. You are making our world a better place to live in with your humanity.

May we all learn to be kind, smile and truly serve without expecting something in return. In giving we receive.

By Helen Kilgallen

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