Be Well Be Happy

Resistance in our lives takes many forms and comes up more frequently than I would like. All I can say is that it is in resistance that we remain stuck in the middle between what is what and what it will come to be.  

I’d like to share a recent experience and how I came to opening the floodgate of resistance. It is nothing extraordinary or life-changing - most of our days aren’t - just an awareness I lifted my heart to, that honored the way I felt and what my state of being was during a particular few days. 

I had been super-charged for about eight weeks developing something new plus getting deeper into things I love like yoga, music. Super-charged, really. Not enough hours in the day. Always felt great. Was inspired, creating into the evening. This past week my energy dialed down. And I was confused, trying different things to boost my energy like certain breath practices in yoga and yoga pose series designed to do just that. Nothing was changing. I was saying I felt low energy which came with a sad heaviness. It certainly was a reminder of how I had felt in my past. And I was trying to figure out why and putting up all sorts of invisible distractions. By that I mean focusing on everything but the inner core thing. 

The day I woke up to the visualization of letting the floodgate open for resistance to flow out is the day I lifted my heart to the awareness of what was exactly going on in my body, mind and heart. First, saying “low energy” or anything like that - as I always speak and most times practice - will bring that exact thing to your consciousness becoming almost like an intention. So that’s the first thing I caught: re-language what you’re feeling so it is not a negative. I did that. 

Then I sat with myself in meditation, visualized the floodgate open and let things rise.  And the simple truth I came to is that my body needed to rest, my mind needed to take a break and my heart needed some self-nurturing. So I had a day of no appointments, no lists - not even the ones that are in the yoga or music realms which I most enjoy - just being in the day. I honored my state of being on that particular day and, more importantly, allowed it to be. It was so relieving. 

So I wanted to share this and offer the thought to being present and accepting of a change in our inner selves - the way we feel through our senses and in the body, the way we feel emotionally, the quality of our thoughts. And letting it ride out in a loving and accepting way without constraint and resistance. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be compassionate. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

 By Paulette Mancuso

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