What a cracker of a weekend!

Knowing that Saturday was going to bring epic conditions for the contest, the NYC Parks Dept. do what they do best, get involved and messed everything up by announcing they were closing the beaches due to a knee jerk reaction by a politician in his ivory tower in Manhattan who knows nothing about the ocean, waves or currents. Needless to say, the NYC Parks Dept. was helpless in stopping surfers and bodysurfers entering the waters both Friday and Saturday, with Saturday simply being the best surf the entire year.

There was an entourage of famous bodysurfers from California who came out for the contest, heavy hitters like Tim Burnham and Shane Macintyre from The Wedge in Newport Beach with their collective eyes

Last week, Katie McFadden wrote about the sand erosion I was itching to write about right after the project was finished, all because I saw a glaring fault to the whole project. I hesitated, but not now.

While it is absolutely stupendous to see the sand stretch so far and wide, knowing that we residents, and also the millions of visitors this year, can enjoy the stretch of beach that is most often the busiest of the entire peninsula, the problem I see is that I doubt it will last to the end of

I found this crazy cool pic a while back. Looking at the points in the judging criteria in this pic, it really shocked me at the disparity of points for some maneuvers.

What I mean is that in today’s times, the oohs and aahs you get from the general public watching surfing are above the wave aerial antics or the disappearing moves of a surfer riding inside the tube. Aerial surfing was not a concept back then, and while points on this sheet do reflect that tube riding is rewarded to some

Sure, we all think we know how tides work, the gravitational pull of the moon and its cycle around the earth, how our home break works best on what tide and swell combination. But here’s something cool to know, there are more than 400 astronomical cycles that influence the tide.

A great new book called "Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean," by author and surfer Jonathan White, goes into great depth about all the variables associated with tides, tidal bores and inland water ways. It

What an amazing weekend. The last weekend of the summer season is always stacked with goodness, great vibes and outpouring of gratitude.

For the last few years, that particular weekend has two surf events that spark smiles all around. Saturday, September 8 saw the 3rd Annual Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Contest run by the great Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Underground (Jeremy Jones, Claire Hilger, Mike Poindexter and John Wagner) in thumping 5-6 foot surf, run in what’s known as “The Box.”


The literal flood gates have been opened and the world has gone bat-shit-crazy for wave pools after the huge success of Kelly Slater’s Wave Co. and the Wavegarden technology, first released as a concept in Spain, but now commercially viable installations in Wales, UK and also in Texas called N-Land.

What’s happening now is insane. While all three of the above mentioned wave pools use technology of basically pushing, or dragging, a monumental ballast in a linear motion to upheave the water to

Yep, Kelly Slater and his company, the KSWAVECO, have muscled their influence and technology to host a World Surf League (WSL) competition event as part of 2018 Championship Tour (CT) calendar.

Early reports were that it was in addition to the 11 scheduled events worldwide, but a new release about the full tour shows it’s technically replacing an event, the Trestles Hurley Pro.   "Based on the results of our test event this year and the feedback from surfers training at the facility throughout

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