We are hitting the half-way point of the summer, and we have had plenty of action with sharks, ATVs, unending heat waves, and God knows what next. I can’t tell why, but for me it feels like there is too much going on. Do you feel that way too? I don’t know how many nights I wanted to see a band play or do something, only to be confronted with having to make a choice about what to do. It wasn’t always like this, and it can be a little unnerving if you ask me. Our sleepy little town has grown exponentially over the last couple of years with an explosion of restaurants, music, happenings, and things to do; so much so that a weekend now requires planning! Yikes!!

I kind of prefer the one thing per night rule that was once the way things

 I hope everyone had a safe and beautiful 4th of July. It’s been a turbulent time in America these last few years, and I am not one to take sides, but I love our country and have had the opportunity to visit other countries and know without a doubt, despite all our issues, this is the greatest country in the world.

Maybe it is because of the way we handle our issues that things seem so messy and confusing. We allow debate and discourse, and we review things later after decisions have been made

 After several canceled vacations, the mermaid and I finally got away and tried to put the pandemic behind us. Our destination: the tall trees of California, Pacific Redwoods, and Sequoias. These trees are among the oldest living things on earth with some Sequoias clocking in at almost 2,200 years old. But first we had to get there, and that meant flying to California.

The mermaid, although quite adapted to the Atlantic Ocean, has had a lifelong fear of California and the possibility of

 Our guide had asked “why Iceland?” And I proceeded to tell him exactly why. First of all, with a return to something akin to normality, it felt like it was time to take a trip. And not just a drive to Montauk or New Paltz, it needed to feel like being “away!” Europe seemed to be having a bit of an outbreak, covid and fighting, so that was out. Coming out of winter, one would think to head to the Islands, or maybe Central America, but that made too much sense. So, I did the opposite, I went

Several weeks ago now, I injured my knee doing something I knew I should not have (well, that was the first lesson - hello, ego and vanity).  And during these weeks of easing into recovery, I learned several lessons. The last lesson felt so great. Being in and guiding yoga, I get deep into the hips. The hips’ full range of movement is like the deepest sense of freedom you could have. So open, so deep, so grounding and full. 

So when I injured my knee, I wasn’t bending that knee back, not doing

 With the mermaid out of town, I decided to take the new puppy for an early evening walk and then head out to Bar Marseille for a quick dinner and to hear The Pointers, the all-female band from Breezy Point. I became friends with one of the ladies through the Connolly’s open mic series a few years ago, and I always liked her song choices and the way she played her Gibson Songwriter guitar. I also was familiar with the keyboard player, as she sings with the terrific guitar slinger and singer

 It’s funny how we meet people in our lives. Most of our close friends we meet in grammar school or on our block as neighbors. The randomness of the alphabet seats us near someone and we strike up a conversation that first day and then 50 years later we look back and we are still friends. Some folks come along later in life though, either through a job, or maybe because of a common hobby, or sometimes through our kids, as we shepherd them through life, we meet the parents of their friends. I

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