Parking Debate

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I have lived in Rockaway Park for most of my life. I lived in Broad Channel for about ten years and I did a one-year stint in Indiana. When I was a child, I lived on Beach 117th Street and we did not have a driveway. On Friday afternoon, after alternate side, my parents would park the car on the beach block until Monday morning. I tell you this both because I know what it is like to want to come to the beach on the weekends and not have a spot and I know what it is like to not have a car on the weekends. We walked where we needed to go and my mother made sure any errand that needed a car was done before Friday morning.

I just do not understand the angst regarding the summer parking. You either bought your home or rented it full well knowing there would be no parking on the weekends. I actually do not mind the parking regulations, even though we have to sometimes play the parking roulette game between my daughters and my tenants. Sometimes my daughters have friends come down and I will park one car somewhere else (it used to be by the ferry, but I am not sure where I will go this year so I do not lose a window or windshield!)

As soon as I saw this newspaper post on Facebook the sign to remind people about the regulations starting this past Sunday, I knew the debate would begin. My favorite is when people comment who do not live here! “That’s why I moved.” Well, I am glad you moved due to the parking.

Some people have been complaining about the developing which is going to make parking a much more difficult thing. The last private home on the boardwalk just sold and I read that there is a plan to build a 40 unit building there with get this….12 parking spots. This is really the major issue.

Another thing: I am happy to not move my car out of my driveway in the summer as traffic has been so congested the last few summers. Some busy weekends I cannot even get out of my driveway on Newport due to the back up from the light on Newport Avenue and Beach 117th Street. A few times I have stated it would have been quicker to walk to Stop and Shop instead of driving.

I know that parking is an issue, but again if you live here, you chose to live here. Instead of complaining, reach out to your local politicians and let’s stop the development boom. Also, let’s complain, we need more parking! I only know of one municipal lot, we need more!

I cannot wait for the angry emails! Have a great day everyone and happy parking!

 By Beth Hanning

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