Wrestle talk: More Releases


 This past week it was reported that there was another round of talent releases from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as superstar's Buddy Murphy and Ruby Riott were released from their contracts making them free agents.  Now, the question being asked is, how many more talent releases will we see and ultimately when will the WWE be sold?

All points lead to the promotions being sold as they continue to drop their talent roster and employees. If you ask anyone currently working for the WWE they will lead you to believe that everything is going well within the company and that the news of it being sold is just rumors. In my opinion, the release of such of an amount of talent and employees is the company positioning itself for sale. Whoever ends up purchasing the company will most definitely make headline news, but all we can do now is wait.

The outcome of the Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair Match is still fresh and running through the minds of the WWE Universe and they are still not happy. But, news surrounding the unexpected ending of the match that saw Bianca Belair lose in seconds has surfaced. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that the ending was done to garner Bianca Belair more sympathy to make her a bigger babyface. Now, can this idea work? Yes! But, in my opinion, why? She has already become extremely popular since winning the women's championship so why take the risk and having it fail?

The Question of the Week comes from Ray I. in the Bronx, and yes,I said the Bronx and he asked "How does the referee know when a wrestler gets injured or is not able to continue the match because of an injury?" Ray, this is an excellent question and it is a referee's job to check on the talent whenever a move is performed by grabbing the performer by the hand and asking him if he/she is ok. If the performer is ok, he will squeeze the hand of the referee twice letting the referee know he/she is fine and can continue the match. Unfortunately, there are many promotions out there that do not take the job and position of a referee seriously and in my opinion, they place the health and safety of the talent at risk. A referee's position in a match is very important to not only in the performance capacity but also in the safety capacity. Thank you for this great question!

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