Army Corps Update


Robby Schwach, of City Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office, provided The Rockaway Times with an overview of Army Corps of Engineer plans in the coming months: 

The Army Corps of Engineers has put out a solicitation for bids on Phase 2 of the Rockaway Beach reconstruction to include new seawalls, armored dunes, sand replenishment, and walkovers.  The project will start later this year, affect 5 miles of beach and is expected to cost in excess of $200 million. The bids are scheduled to be sent in by the end of September.  Sand replenishment will include 1.6 million cubic yards of sand, with an offshore dredge piping sand from Beach 9-169 (this will include Riis Park if necessary agreements are concluded).

The Army Corps is having difficulty continuing its planned groin installation schedule because the next planned site, in the Beach 90s, does not have enough room on the beach to work.  While they attempt to shore up this area, they will instead work on new groins at Beach 107 and Beach 103. The Army Corps still intends to complete Beach 92nd and Beach 98th over the winter.

They will be stopping operations at the staging area on Beach 142nd Street in Neponsit soon and start staging at Beach 116th Street until late spring/early summer, 2022.  The site at Beach 142 will still remain secured as they plan to return next year.

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