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 We all have food cravings at times and most of the time, we don’t fulfill those cravings as often as we would like. The Restaurant in Rockaway Beach is the master of fulfilling food cravings. More specifically, breakfast cravings that many of us wake up with each day. The Restaurant has some of the traditional favorites plus their own unique creations. The breakfast at The Restaurant is my favorite thing to dine in and enjoy. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere gives a comfortable small-town luncheonette vibe. When you sit down, you can hear the waitress addressing many customers by name. That small town feeling is always nice when visiting a local restaurant.

The Restaurant offers an extensive menu from simple breakfast dishes to steaks and chops, sandwiches, pasta and anything in between. I will be touching on some of my favorite dishes from breakfast to dinner options throughout this article.

Let’s begin with how the restaurant could not be any more of a Rockaway staple. It has been pumping out delicious comfort food for over 60 years. The Restaurant opened in 1962 and its current owner purchased it in 1991. It is well known within the community and as Rockaway has become more of a popular destination in recent years, they now have plenty of guests from out of town, especially during the summer season. Current owner Nick Plevritis takes pride in his eatery and the close relations with many of his guests and the community.

One of my favorite breakfast options to order will always be the pastrami with scrambled eggs and cheese. This is a super tasty dish and with a side of well-done home fries, it can keep you full up until dinner. I tend to enjoy adding the scrambled eggs and pastrami on buttered toast (preferably rye) and your palate will thank you.

You can’t go wrong with any of the breakfast dishes here, the Restaurant has a considerable variety of dishes including my personal favorites—pancakes, French toast and waffles. The options can include toppings of ice cream, whipped cream, or fresh fruit. The sides available include some traditional favorites like sausages, bacon, eggs-any style and ham. One important part is how The Restaurant is always pleased to let customers customize their own dish so they can enjoy their personal favorites. The Restaurant is also known for having excellent omelets. The options for omelets are endless and can be customized however you would like as well. 

Now that we’ve touched on some of my favorite breakfast options, I will fast forward to some of my favorite lunch and dinner options. If you enjoy a nice hot soup during the winter months, you can’t miss the popular soups at The Restaurant. They offer different soups each week but you won’t go wrong with a traditional chicken noodle or chicken rice. A great combination is the Montauk sandwich with a soup of your choice. The Montauk sandwich is a simple tasty option when you have limited time for a lunch break like myself. This sandwich is grilled open faced with melted cheese of your choice, bacon and tomato. I prefer my bacon always well done and crunchy, especially on this sandwich.

Another lunch favorite would be the avocado and chicken wrap which includes grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, lettuce and tomato. This is an awesome on the go wrap with plenty of protein and healthy fats.

The Restaurant does have quite a few dinner options and the two options I tend to order are the brisket of beef hot open platter, which is delicious, adding some of their homemade gravy certainly brings this dish to a whole new level. I have been a fan of meatloaf right out of the womb. Something about a properly seasoned juicy piece of ground beef gets my attention on any menu. The Restaurant has an awesome homemade meatloaf with its own homemade brown gravy which I usually ask for on the side. Most entrees are served with a side of vegetables and potatoes. You can also choose between a salad or soup to come with your entrée.

As this article comes to a close, we can’t leave out the dessert. The Restaurant has 12 different types of dessert. My usual dessert choice is the homemade rice pudding. Some of my other favorites include the red velvet cake and apple pie a la mode. The large variety of desserts means that even the pickiest sweet tooth will find something they enjoy.

The Restaurant continues to pump out traditional favorites and some of its own creative dishes even before owner Nick Plevritis took over in 1991. Nick and The Restaurant have always been pleased to give back to their community and that is an important trait for any business owner. I highly recommend everyone give The Restaurant a shot if you have yet to visit. The Restaurant is located at 8605 Rockaway Beach Blvd. They are available for dine in or takeout. 

As I mention in all my articles, feel free to follow me on social media for more food talk and reviews. I enjoy promoting local small businesses and occasionally report on some out of area restaurants as well. You can find me on Instagram or Facebook by searching my name “Scott Ruscillo.”

Thank you for reading and get out there to enjoy what Rockaway has to offer!

 By Scott Ruscillo

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