A Good Sign for Connolly’s


 Now that’s a good sign.

After Connolly’s announced on Friday, April 22, that it was officially sold, the rumor mill started swirling again. But have no fear. The iconic local bar isn’t going the way of the Irish Circle. Connolly’s is here to stay. After all, it’s in local hands, or rather—Locals’ hands. That’s right, the young men of Locals Surf and Locals Collective, the Reinhardts and the Kololyans, have officially purchased Connolly’s and they have one big promise—to “Keep Connolly’s, Connolly’s.”

On Tuesday, April 26, The Rockaway Times spoke with outgoing longtime co-owner Jeff Aquilante, who ran Connolly’s since 1984, (with Kerryann Daly meeting Jeff and stepping in to whip the place into shape a year later), and stumbled upon the new owners, Mike Reinhardt and Mike Kololyan, hoisting up the Connolly’s sign to mark the start of a new era for the beloved bar. Later that day, the Mikes announced the good news to their many friends on social media.

Out of respect to the sudden major news of Firefighter Timothy Klein’s tragic passing on Sunday, we’re holding off on details this week, but stay tuned for next week’s issue of The Rockaway Times to learn more of what’s to come for Connolly’s.

Story and Photos
By Katie McFadden

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