This Week in History


June 30

It's a fact Sean McVeigh was born.

Meg Riley was born.

Michele Dickesheid was born.

Alison McGovern was born.


1859 - French acrobat Charles Blondin, AKA Jean Francois Gravelet, walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

1971 - The 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18, was ratified by the states.


July 1

John T. Meier was born.

Ray Agoglia was born.

Bridget O’Connor was born.


1863 - The Battle of Gettysburg, which marked the turning point in the Civil War, began.

1997 - After 156 years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong was returned to China.


July 2

Michael Delia was born.

Lakia Echols was born.


1964 - President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law.

2002 - Steve Fossett became the first to circumnavigate the globe solo in a balloon.


July 3

Patricia Rorke was born.

John McGunigle was born.


1890 - Idaho became the 43rd state in the United States.

1962 - Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


July 4

The United States of America was born.

Neil Rowe was born.

Christine Mahoney-Schneider was born.


1826 - Former presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died.

1831 - Former president James Monroe died.


July 5

Tina Schlissel was born.


1811 - Venezuela became the first South American country to declare independence from Spain.

1996 - Dolly, the first sheep cloned from adult cells, was born.


July 6

Kathy McCormack was born.

Donald Gallagher was born.

Norrin Radd was born.


1535 - Sir Thomas More was beheaded after refusing to join Henry VIII's Church of England.

1944 - A fire caused by inept fire-eaters in the main tent of the Ringling Brothers Circus in Hartford, Conn., killed over 160 people.


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