Some Heroes Wear Paint

 Some Heroes Wear Paint

Dear Editor:

Photo by Martha Rossi

On Saturday, a group of neighborhood volunteers got together for the bay wall painting from Beach 117th to 123rd Streets. The wall had been previously painted over 13 years ago but had deteriorated to the point where it became an eyesore due to wind, rain and wear and tear. This project was sponsored by Councilwoman Ariola’s office and the NYC Parks Dept.

Early on, we ran out of paint. Margaret Powers of the councilwoman’s office contacted her, and they sprang into action. Joann called Parks and got more paint, but we knew that still wouldn’t be enough. She and Margaret ran over to Home Depot and got additional paint. That’s someone who truly works for her constituency. Thank you to Joann, Margaret, NYC Parks and all the volunteers.

Rockaway working for Rockaway!

Maureen Walsh

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