Thinking About Ziegfeld?

 Thinking About Ziegfeld?

By Robin Shapiro

Previously I have written about the theatrical producer Ziegfeld. I pointed out that in the movie about him, he was portrayed as telling his stars the truth even if it hurt his chances to make money. I was reminded of this when a seller contacted me with questions. After several months, he told me that he was ready to sell. Then suddenly, he told me to wait. Another broker got to him. They told him that the house was worth more than my evaluation.

Ziegfeld’s honesty in the movie is admirable. Sellers would greatly benefit if they thought about Ziegfeld before they make the wrong decision in the choice of a broker. Sellers should be aware of “bait and switch” by brokers. These brokers want to show market share. They hope that eventually the seller will take a much lower price. Why waste time and money (taxes, insurance)? Too many “days on the market” can diminish the property’s value. Call me if you want an honest comparable market analysis. The seller above did call me back. We ironed out the misinformation provided by the other broker. I sold the house at the correct price. Call me. Love, Robin.


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