By Terri Estes

Nurses Week is celebrated May 6 – May 12

Not just anyone can be a nurse. To be a nurse, one must have the heart and compassion to help others unconditionally. It takes an individual who has the strength and fortitude to put their patients’ needs first. Nurses Week celebrates the effort, dedication and sacrifice nurses make every day.

Nurses are essential members of healthcare, and provide care and support to their patients through all stages of life. They are there for us at our most vulnerable moments and their steady support and compassion are sometimes taken for granted.

During the Covid Pandemic we were reminded of just how much nurses sacrifice day in and day out for those in their care. While most the city was on lockdown, nurses were on the frontlines battling this unknown enemy. They worked around the clock caring for sick and dying patients, trying to understand this new disease and battling to stay one step ahead of it. In some areas of the city, the infection rates were doubling every 24 hours, leading to increased anxiety and fear in the communities. The rate of infection was so rapid that it caused a huge lack of resources needed to care for Covid-19 patients. Nurses were constantly exposed to the risk of contracting Covid-19 as they were trying to deal with the emotional toll of caring for the sick and dying. In many cases, they were also isolated from their loved ones for fear of spreading Covid to them. And still, the nurses showed up every day.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on nurses, both physically and emotionally. Our nurses deserve our gratitude and respect. They make a difference in the lives of countless people. So, during Nurses Week, take the time to thank a nurse for his or her service. I am sure it will brighten their day!

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