Overworked and Stressed

Dear Enchantress, 

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately with my workload and personal commitments. It feels like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done, and it’s starting to take a toll on my mental and physical health. How can I better manage my time and reduce stress in my life?

Sincerely, Overwhelmed and Stressed


Dear Overwhelmed and Stressed,

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when juggling multiple responsibilities. You’re not alone. I’m getting so many emails from people that want to work with me to especially help with this. I’ll give you some practical methods to break this down. BUT! And this is what I base my method of The Unconventional Icon on; having something that you LOVE doing that is your passion. This might sound like another thing to do, but it actually becomes your anchor and the direct energy that pulls your feelings up, and some of the things on your to do list will become less important.

So the first thing is, make time to daydream about fun things that you really really really really really care about. Next: prioritize and delegate. Start by identifying your most important tasks and focus on completing those first. Learn to delegate tasks that can be handled by others, freeing up some of your time and mental energy. Asking for help or hiring folks is a powerful move.

Have a schedule: establish a daily or weekly schedule to help you organize your time and make sure to include self-care activities and deep rest. Stick to the schedule as much as possible. Practice saying “no.” If you are overwhelmed, you may have too many things on your list that can be actually impossible to do. It’s important to recognize your limits and not overcommit yourself.

Remember, managing time and reducing stress is an ongoing process, so yay! That means after each week, take stock of what works and what didn’t. Including things like traffic and natural distractions, and be real about those things. Be patient with yourself and give yourself room to adapt and make adjustments along the way. You deserve a balanced and fulfilling life.

This will give you information on how you operate, so don’t try to change yourself. Notice how you operate naturally and make tiny adjustments from there.

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