Sound Healing

 Sound Healing

By Jennifer Kelleher

As a trained sound healer, I get many questions about how it all works. Very often, clients come curiously into a session with little to no understanding of what sound healing even is, and they end up having an undeniably real and visceral healing experience.

Pleasantly surprised and a bit perplexed, they start to wonder: “What was that and how is it possible?” In today’s article, I unveil the tip of the iceberg as to why and how sound healing with a trained practitioner can be so medicinal.

Ancient mystics and present-day quantum physicists agree that everything in our universe is in a state of vibration. Just because we cannot hear a sound does not mean that it doesn’t exist. To back this up, let’s take the example of dolphins. Dolphins can receive and produce frequencies greater than 180,000hz, which is 10x the maximum hearing level of humans. While humans are unable to hear full dolphin conversations because they are outside of our audible range, cutting edge technology has proven that these conversations are in fact taking place.

So, everything, from the tiny atom to the massive planet, is vibration.

The human body is its own complex vibratory system. Bones, tissues, organs, and the other various parts each have their own specific resonant frequencies (native songs, if you will). I invite you to think of the body as an orchestra, where each bodily system makes up a section. When the body is balanced, it plays in harmony, and we say we are of “sound health.” However, when even one part of one section (of the body) is vibrating out of tune, the whole orchestra (body) is thrown off and we enter a state of “dis-ease.”

In terms of resonance, the human body falls into a category called “forced resonance.” This means that it responds to and is affected by the different frequencies that it is exposed to. Start to pay attention to how you feel in different environments. You may be surprised to notice how simply being in certain places or with certain people can affect your state of wellbeing.

Knowing this information is actually quite exciting and it is a big part of why sound baths can be so healing. Since our vibrating bodies respond to frequencies, we can use “entrainment” to rejuvenate and restore the body’s own resonant frequencies. For those unfamiliar with this term, “entrainment” is when strong vibrations of one object change those of another, leading the second object to synchronize with the first.

In my practice, I work predominantly with top tier singing bowls and the voice to bring my clients into balance and alignment.

Each bowl I use is very intentionally selected for its own natural vibration (a product of its composition [what crystals, earth minerals, and/or precious gemstones it is made of], note, and frequency). I do my best to keep my own body a clear and healthy vessel so that, combined with the powerful vibrations of the bowls, my clients’ bodies can synchronize with the pure, healing resonance I offer in a sound bath.

The science behind sound goes much deeper, but I find even the tip of the iceberg to be fascinating. If this article got you curious too, I invite you to come check out a sound bath at Ocean Bliss Yoga, happening the third Wednesday of each month. Browse offerings on our website and reach out with any questions (917) 318-1168.

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