Addabbo Health Recognized for Hypertension Program

 Addabbo Health Recognized for Hypertension Program

The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center (JPA) has won recognition for Excellence in Transforming Patient Outcomes in connection with CAREMINDr and the National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI).  Ari Benjamin, MD, Chief Medical Officer, and his excellent program team accepted the award and participated in an informative conversation with other Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) on August 23, during which they were showcased in a program focused on “Jumpstarting Connection and Engagement with Patients.”

This award specifically acknowledges the significant number of positive patient results that the JPA program continues to achieve. Despite the many obstacles of the pandemic and the continuing challenges occasioned by the conclusion of the public health emergency, JPA’s Hypertension Program has resulted in an impressive number of at-risk patients managed into “under control” status. Glen Markham, VP of CAREMINDr, acknowledged that the areas served by JPA are in some of the most demanding medical care landscapes in the country, making this an important accomplishment.

CAREMINDr works with over three dozen other FQHCs and presented this award to JPA for being a leader in creating innovation and achieving the health outcome goals of the NHCI. “This is a remarkable achievement,” stated Harry R. Soza, President & CEO of CAREMINDr, “and we reaffirm our commitment to support you as your program grows.”  Under the guidance of Dr. Ari Benjamin, JPA’s Hypertension Program continues to grow.  Patients with high blood pressure and those patients who are on the edge of hypertension or high blood pressure issues can be included in the program wherein patients receive a FREE Bluetooth blood pressure monitor used to report their blood pressure from wherever they are.  “Our team carefully monitors the results and works directly with the program participants,” explains Dr. Benjamin. “The team guides them to healthier choices and lifestyles and obviously,  it’s working very well.  Our hypertensive patients on the program are reaping the rewards.”

Congratulations to Dr. Ari Benjamin and his JPA team who worked together to help JPA garner this prestigious award (left to right) Erendira Cortes, Louis Raymond, Brendalee Vasquez. Not shown are Dr. Ari Benjamin and Tiffany Doris.


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