Alomaloni: Weaving Art and Community in Far Rockaway

 Alomaloni: Weaving Art  and Community in Far Rockaway

By Tasha Edwards

Alomaloni, a crochet clothing line based in Far Rockaway, traces its roots to the creative vision of Tasha Edwards, a multifaceted artist and educator. From jewelry making to painting and now crochet, Edwards’ journey reflects a deep commitment to artistic expression and community engagement.

Founded with the aspiration to leave a lasting legacy for her daughter, Aloma Laylonnie, after whom the company is named, Alomaloni has evolved significantly over the years. Its journey began as a passion project at the intersection of artistry and creativity.

In 2022, Alomaloni joined Rockaway Market Street @ Beach 60th, under the elevated A-train station. This partnership with RISE (Rockaway Initiative for Sustainability and Equity) not only provided a platform for showcasing its unique creations, but also opened opportunities to engage with local residents. These opportunities have led Alomaloni to vend at Rockaway Hotel and Rockaway Makers Market, demonstrating their commitment to community engagement and local presence.

As creative director, Aloma Laylonnie helps blend artistic expression with community enrichment. Together, mother and daughter are weaving a vibrant tapestry of creativity and sustainability in the heart of Far Rockaway. Alomaloni can be seen at Rockaway Market Street @ Beach 60th from now until October 12, every Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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