Dear Enchantress Shane

 Dear Enchantress Shane

By Shane Kulman

I’ve been struggling with waking up with anxiety for quite some time now, and it’s starting to take a toll on my daily life. No matter how much sleep I get or how well I try to manage stress, I always wake up with a racing heart and a sense of impending doom. It’s affecting my productivity, relationships, and overall well-being. What can I do to wake up feeling more calm and in control of my anxiety?

Sincerely, Anxious Angela


Dear Anxious Angela,

You speak for so many! I see the morning as the most vulnerable part of the day. It’s an opportunity to begin again, and have a grand rising, and we are trained in this world to wake up with the woes of the day before. That alone will cause extra energy and can be labeled anxiety. I wrote a book on anxiety, so I have a ton to say.

I will begin with the reframing of what anxiety is. It’s extra energy in the body caused by thoughts that don’t agree with how your truest self wants to live (which I think is love and kindness). It’s normal, and very uncomfortable, and add on the new things that “might” happen, it can put some people in fear and panic mode.

So I would say first find your voice, make inhales and exhales with some sound, opening your throat and shutting off the noise in your head, which is a start. Have a morning routine that is super simple, and that you can do from the moment you open your eyes. It can be opening your eyes and saying “yay!” Saying “yay” with elongation is easy as pie, even if you don’t feel joyful. It can be combined with the thought of gratitude. Gratitude for the tiniest of things, for example:

  1. Oh look, I’m aware I’m feeling anxious.
  2. I woke up feeling nice sheets.
  3. A gratitude for the weather.
  4. Or who is or isn’t in the house with you.

The key is to keep it really simple, so you don’t feel burdened. Also decide if it feels beneficial for you to get out of bed, and if it feels worse to stay there. And as you know, don’t grab your phone as the first thing you do. It’s like you’re inviting all your social media folks in to be with you!!


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