By Robin Shapiro

Some people just can’t decide.  A home purchase may be one of the most important investments that they will ever make, and they stress about it. There are a few buyers around who’ve looked at dozens of possible purchases and couldn’t pull the trigger. Some have actually been shopping for years. The unsettled economy and home unaffordability are possible explanations for such inaction. However, they were looking when homes were more affordable and couldn’t take action even in those days.

Undecided people remind me of an old NY Times article about Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina who bought a Manhattan co-op for approximately $4 million a few years ago.

The former Mayor is one of the richest men in the world and it seems that he is generous with his daughter. However, according to the Times, she saw 150 apartments before deciding on one. Although rich people are entitled to be thrifty with their money, even the Times commented that “seasoned brokers would describe this as a highly intense apartment hunt.”  Some people just can’t decide!

Presidents’ Day is celebrated next Monday, February 19. Public schools have a mid-winter recess next week – Feb 20 through 24, and some people take vacations during this period. Call me.  Love, Robin.


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