By Robin Shapiro

Some homeowners may consider building a new deck. Decks can add to the value of a property – especially if they look nice and/or if they provide wheelchair/ baby carriage accessibility. In the past, the choice of deck material was limited to various forms of wood: cedar, pressure treated, etc. Recently a composite material has become available which many people are using. This composite, which is made of wood and plastic, has various names like “TREX” or “VERANDER” or others.

The promotional material for these products represents that they are splinter free and don’t warp; don’t  need sanding, staining, or painting; resist moisture and sunlight; require minimal maintenance – usually just hot water and soapy water with a mop and bucket. There are long-term warranties, and the composite is used in many public places like Mount Rushmore, and the Florida Everglades, etc. I know people who have installed this material and they are happy with it, thus far. They say that it’s smooth, soft, and slip resistant – they can walk barefoot on it, but it sometimes needs to be hosed down (cooled off) on a hot day. It is pretty, yet strong. July 4th is next Tuesday. Monday, July 3 should be a slow day. Have a great holiday!.Call me.  Love, Robin.

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