Sunny Suggestions

 Sunny Suggestions

By by Patrice Riordan McCannby McCann

Summer has finally arrived! Hoping the sun comes out, and these storms we are having blow far away!  Here are two sunny suggestions! Hoping you read them in your beach chair with a cool drink in your hand. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

“Someone Else’s Shoes”  by Jojo Moyes

This was a fun and fluffy read. Sam has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and it shows. She’s seriously down in the dumps, balancing her depressed husband, a moody teenaged daughter, a snarky boss plus an incontinent dog. Nisha appears like she does not have a care in the world even though she has a philanderer husband. He just so happens to be a millionaire and he has also just cut her off without a penny. These two women somehow swap gym totes. Frumpy Sam ends up with the Christian Louboutin heels. Hijinks ensue! Both women experience lots of changes throughout this novel. Great characters! This would be a perfect one for the beach bag! It’s almost 4th of July, so toss this one in if you’re hitting the beach or the pool! It’s an easy, breezy summer read.

“Nora Goes Off Script” by Annabel Monaghan

I loved this book! It seems like it’s going to be a romantic comedy, and I must confess that’s my least favorite genre. However, this book delivers so much more. We meet Nora, a recently divorced mom of two, who is a screenwriter of Hallmark Channel-esque romance movies. Nora has two children named Bernadette and Andrew; they are 8 and 11. I loved Nora’s kids. She gets lucky and the sad story of her failed marriage and divorce gets made into a feature film starring Leo and Naomi, the world’s hottest leading couple. The movie is being filmed at her one-hundred-year-old bucolic home. Leo is having a bit of a nervous breakdown though, and when filming wraps up, he decides to stay. He will pay Nora $1,000 a day which really could come in handy. Cue the romance. But we all know that sometimes people don’t get happy endings. There’s turmoil, and then angst. That makes good fodder for another script for Nora. This book features terrific characters. I felt like I knew Nora and her family. Totally thumbs up! Fabulous summer read!

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