End of Watch

 End of Watch

On Friday, May 7, Captain Robert H. Nussberger died from 9/11 related cancer.

Former Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department Captain Bob Nussberger was the officer in charge of Ambulance 303 as the BCVFD responded to the World Trade Center after the attacks on September 11, 2001, to assist with rescues. Not long after they arrived on the scene, Tower 2 came crashing down on the small four-man crew. Nussberger was blown down Liberty Street by the force of the debris field hitting the ground and was shoved underneath an FDNY suburban. He sustained severe injuries to his feet and shoulder, among other injuries, and was transported to an area hospital after being located.

The incident would force Captain Nussberger, badge #433, to retire from active duty. He later developed a 9/11-related cancer and fought a hard battle for many years. His battle came to an end last Friday. He was 82.

Nussberger, described as someone who was humble and kind, did not want any funeral services. A memorial Mass will be announced in the future. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and fellow BCVFD firefighters and staff.

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