Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • The grandson of John Tyler, the 10th president of the U.S. (1841-45), himself born in 1790, is still alive — Harrison Ruffin Tyler.


  • Paper can only be recycled six times. After that, the fibers are too weak to hold together.


  • Loch Ness is deep enough and long enough to contain the entire population of the world 10 times over.


  •  The western painted turtle can survive three to four months (winter) without breathing.


  • Malawi’s (a country in southeastern Africa) president Bingu wa Mutharika vacated his home, a 300-bedroom mansion, in 2005 because he believed it to be haunted.


  • The blinking light atop the Capitol Records Tower spells out the word “Hollywood” in Morse code and has done so since the building’s opening in 1956.


  •  Nearly 80% of people who die from drowning in the USA are male.


  • An elephant-sized sloth existed and went extinct only 10,000 years ago. It was one of the largest land mammals, measuring up to six meters (20 ft) and weighing four tons.


Facts by Sean McVeigh, factologist.


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