Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Virtually the entire continent of South America is east of Florida.


  • If the earth was the size of a marble, you would need seven miles of space to build a scale model of the solar system.


  • 87% of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere.


  • Alaska is the most northern, western and eastern state in the U.S.


  • Asia (17.2 million sq. miles) covers more surface area than the moon (14.6 million sq. miles).


  •  If the land bridge between Alaska and Russia reemerged, it would take less than an hour to cross it.


  • Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.


  • Reno, Nevada is farther west than Los Angeles, California.


  • The largest mountain in the Netherlands is located in the Caribbean.


  •  In 1777, Frederick the Great of Prussia issued a royal proclamation urging his subjects to drink beer instead of coffee.


            Facts by Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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