If I Ran NYC

 If I Ran NYC

By Beth Hanning

Being a New York City school teacher, I have a lot of time during the summer to ponder different issues that affect us as residents. So, here is my list of things I would do if I ran the city.

  1. Under my direction of NYC, there would be no lifeguard shortage. I cannot actually believe that with beaches closed, we still do not have enough lifeguards to sit on each beach. I have been sitting on Beach 128th Street and it seems as if every other day we have lifeguards. I would help increase the lifeguards’ numbers by having a local class to help prepare the guards. I would also have availability for part time lifeguards. I feel some kids get summer internships, but would love to make a little bit of money by helping out on the weekends. I would also start recruitment earlier. The signs go up around the city too late! I would also have the shifts start at 11 a.m. and end at 7 p.m. Many people arrive to the beach around noon and I feel that the later start and end would be beneficial to locals and visitors.
  2. If I ran the city, I would get rid of many of the traffic lights we have. Sometimes, a light will go up at a corner where I have never seen an accident happen, and I am like why???? I also would get rid of the stop sign at the old Farmer’s Market, which used to be a yield sign. Again, I have never seen an accident there in my entire life as a Rockaway resident. And, all this stop sign does is create a traffic jam westward on Newport Avenue. I know many of the lights are to prevent accidents, but if people are going to just walk in front of my car and not follow the pedestrian’s rules…
  3. I would definitely not keep lowering the city speed limit. Again, I know it is due to safety, but it takes forever to get anywhere with the speed limit and cameras.
  4. I would also ask the NYPD to stop people who repeatedly blow through stop signs. I hate the cameras, but I actually think we need stop sign cameras. I’ve written many times in this column that since I have moved to Newport Avenue, I have seen numerous accidents and the majority are from people blowing the stop sign or rolling right through it onto Newport traffic.
  5. I would make a traffic committee of many of my friends, and I would make the head of that committee Beth O’Neill and call her my traffic czar. Many times, we have texted and we can solve many traffic problems with common sense.

Note to parents: I know slower cars result in maybe lowering car accidents and pedestrians being hit. So, please speak to your children about texting and walking or biking. I cannot believe how many distracted pedestrians and bikers there are! No matter how slow I can go, this creates a dangerous situation!

Have a great week everyone and stay safe!

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