Joann…You’re a Firework

 Joann…You’re a Firework

Dear Editor:

This weekend, the sky lit up and brought a major old time feel back to Rockaway with fireworks at the beach. We saw people from all walks of life join together to celebrate an old time Rockaway tradition that was brought back to life by our Council Member. But the bursts of color and blasts of enthusiasm don’t stop there for Joann Ariola, who has also brought new life to Beach 116th Street, the members of the FDNY (my son included) and being the voice of common sense for residents across the district she serves.

I was proud to have voted for her in 2021, but this weekend, I realized she wasn’t just a vote. She was an investment in our community. Joann came to the event, set up with her staff, talked with beach goers, danced and sang. She is not in it for a photo-op. Her staff is incomparable to any other elected official’s office. Her powerhouse Chief of Staff, Phyllis, is always ready to go to battle for the people and never willing to lose. All of the office staff are pleasant, helpful and most importantly responsive.

I would hope other officials that have been doing things differently would take a look at Ariola’s office and see what can be accomplished if you truly care about the people you serve. Probably wishful thinking, so for now I will just say thank you, Joann. You truly are a firework.

Sharon O’Connor 

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