Misplaced Camera?

 Misplaced Camera?

Dear Editor:

Can you check with the DOT about why they put a speed camera on Cronston Ave. between Beach 132nd Street and 131st Street, when it is after any vehicles pass P.S. 114 school?

We were all told the cameras were installed to slow down the traffic around schools. This camera is after the school zone.

Any chance they should have put it a little more west before the school zone where the vehicles are driving at a much higher rate of speed before approaching P.S. 114?

The vehicles turn left onto Cronston Ave. and Beach 144th Street and speed all the way down Cronston Ave. and always try to make the light that is at the school’s location if it’s green! Cronston Ave. is a one way street heading in the east direction.
You can tell the DOT to check with anyone who lives on or near Cronston Ave. if they need more input on this situation.

They can also consider a speed bump or two between Beach 144th Street and Beach 136th Street to slow cars before getting to the school!

If they can put all the speed bumps on Shore Front Parkway to slow the cars down and make it safer, then this shouldn’t be that difficult!

Thank you for your time and platform.

Mike Balfe

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