Pheffer Amato & NYC Sheriff Bust 3 Illegal Marijuana Shops

 Pheffer Amato & NYC Sheriff Bust 3  Illegal Marijuana Shops

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato partnered with the NYC Sheriff’s Office to conduct a raid on three illegal marijuana shops on the Rockaway peninsula on Thursday, January 25. The stores, which were located near a public school, a church, and a public library, were not only illegally selling marijuana, but also narcotics and alcohol. Pheffer Amato coordinated with the Sheriff’s Office to go to these three stores which resulted in the confiscation of the illegal drugs, along with an arrest and over $82,000 in summonses and violations.

“The law does not go far enough to combat illegal stores, let alone those that sell narcotics. This is why I voted no on the legalization of marijuana. We are now facing a public health and a quality-of-life crisis that I plan to address with every legal tool available,” the Assemblywoman said.

“I want to thank Sheriff Miranda and the amazing team from the NYC Sheriff’s Office,” Pheffer Amato said. “Through their determined work, illegal and dangerous narcotics were taken off the street, and an arrest was made. I’m honored to have a strong partnership with the Sheriff’s Office.” The Assemblywoman and the Sheriff have been working together to craft new legislation to further stop illegal marijuana.

Through the community’s input, Pheffer Amato has worked to secure more surprise visits by the NYC Sheriff’s Office on other suspected illegal marijuana shops throughout the entire 23rd Assembly District.

In total, the NYC Sheriff’s Office seized 19.6 cartons of untaxed cigarettes, 788 packages of other tobacco products, 403 flavored vape products, 158 THC vapes, 199 packages of THC flower, 872 THC pre-roll, and 314 packages of THC edibles. The copious amounts of illegal marijuana and narcotics were also confiscated by the Sheriff’s Office.

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