Resolution Dissolution

 Resolution Dissolution

By Sean McVeigh

We did it! We survived! No, not the year 2023 — that was a breeze, at least compared to some recent years. We survived that interregnum that is the week between Christmas and the New Year. That limbo where no work gets done and the days are all blended into one. Is it Saturday or is it Wednesday? Who knows. We stumble around from party to party lost in a state of constant slight inebriation. But we have made it to the other side. Happy 2024!

Ah, the new year. The finishing touches have been put on one chapter and the next is opened. A new, unblemished slate waiting to be filled. The possibilities are endless. The New Year means it’s resolution season. This is going to be the year that we resolve, once and for all, to lose that weight or stop drinking as much or to save those few extra shekels each week. When we woke up on Monday (really Tuesday, everyone knows resolutions don’t start until January 2), things just felt different! Well, not really, but there was motivation and I guess that is all we need.

My resolutions are never very resolute. I like to think I try hard. I make a plan, I spend the money, but it always fades out quickly — usually before January does. I’m always a big “get in shape” resolution kinda guy. As you can tell, it has not been too successful as of late. The worst part of the whole thing is that I know I am going to “try” my lose weight resolution starting with the new year, so the few weeks before, I act like I’m on death row. I consume anything and everything that crosses my path. Extra slice of bread at dinner? Sure! Refill on the soda? Why not? I am about to cut it all out, so I better get it in now. Three days into the new year and new me, it all goes down the drain and now I’m left even worse off because of my last little desperation binge.

There’s no chance I’m alone in this regard. I think I’m the rule rather than the exception. Maybe part of this prolific failure is that we make our goals too big. “Get in shape”- Could that be a little too broad? Narrow down your goal, make it more attainable and maybe you’ll be more successful. I still doubt it.

What significance does January 1 have anyway? Only a couple of thousand years ago March 15 was the new year! If it wasn’t for Julius Caesar — who was killed on March 15 (is that ironic? I don’t know.) — giving the calendar a complete makeover, then January 1 would be just another day on the calendar. Obviously, that is a long time relative to our lives, but still, it all seems very arbitrary. And, here in the northeast, we decide to make these big life changes when the weather is starting to get harsh. You know what I like on a cold winter day? Some unhealthy food and a drink that isn’t water to go along with it!

When it’s all said and done, life is pretty short. If I wanted to be doing these things, I would have done them already. I didn’t need this random Monday to convince me to start. Is not drinking for one month a year going to drastically improve my health? Will cutting out carbs make me happy? I don’t think so. In fact, from some previous hands-on experimentation, I can tell you it does the exact opposite! So, I say to hell with it! This year I’m making a resolution to keep on being me. And if I feel like making a significant life change on a random Wednesday in April, I will be sure to let you know.


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