Road Rage

 Road Rage

Dear Editor:

Road Rage (In response to McVeighing In: Road Rage) Sean McVeigh, I feel your pain every time I drive through “that crinkled tube of toothpaste” aka B.129th St. The sense of entitlement of the “double parkers” who stay in their cars but refuse to move to an open area when it becomes available is incredulous.  For the “double parkers” who must leave their cars, why not try what I do, and display your cell number on the dashboard. This has been well received, as it reduces the stress level for the driver of the “blocked” car.  As the TV commercial says “Consideration: Pass it On.” Hang in there, Sean McVeigh, one can only hope there are some “double parking” converts out there.

Kevin Dowler

Rockaway Stuff

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