This Week in History


Ann Coughlin was born.

Tracy McElhinney was born.

Jack Ryan was born.

Rolando De La Cruz was born


1974 – The House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach Richard Nixon for obstructing justice in the Watergate case.

1996 – A pipe bomb exploded in an Atlanta park during the Olympic Games.



Eileen McCarthy was born.

Robert Ostrander was born.

Michael O’Brien was born.

Rita McMahon was born.


1794 – Robespierre, one of the leading figures of the French Revolution, was sent to the guillotine.

2002 – Nine Pennsylvania coal miners were rescued after 77 hours of being trapped in a mine shaft.



Maddy Falik was born.

Kathy Pastina was born.

Lisa Marie Hanna was born.

Heidi Meier was born.


1958 – President Eisenhower signed the congressional act that created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

1981 – Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, married Lady Diana Spencer.


Sharon Gabriel was born.

Mickey Blum was born.


1956 – The phrase “In God We Trust” was adopted as the U.S. national motto.

2002 – Lisa Leslie became the first woman to dunk in a professional basketball game.



1954 – Mount Godwin-Austen (K2), the world’s second-highest peak, was climbed for the first time, by an Italian team led by Ardito Desio.



1946 – President Truman signed the congressional acts that established the Atomic Energy Commission and the Fulbright Scholarship program.

1981 – MTV made its debut at 12:01 AM. The first video shown was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles.



Zachary Dunn was born.

Fred Marino was born.

Jerry Rea was born.

Jackie Mazza was born.

Kerry Brady was born.

Fran Brenna was born.

Kevin and Kathy Boyle were married.


1909 – The first Lincoln penny was issued.


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