Where Goodness Lives

 Where Goodness Lives

By Beth Hanning

There is still goodness in this crazy world.

Recently, I went up to Fort Tilden to see the Rockaway Little League T-ball in action. As I arrived, people began asking me what I was doing there? And was I doing research for a column? I responded that I was just there to see a family friend’s child playing baseball. Well, after I was there for only fifteen minutes, I did realize I had a column. T-ball is where goodness still resides in the world. Each player was so enthusiastic about the game of baseball. Every parent that coached or helped was so positive and encouraging to the children. One young boy, who you could tell was quite athletic, told his mom that he does not like to hit the ball so hard because he is afraid he will hurt someone!

Each time the children got up to bat was so funny because some run the wrong way, or some just stand there, and it was amusing how all the children encouraged one another.

The forty-five minutes I spent at the field was a great way to start a Sunday. I could not help thinking where does it turn? Where do people get so competitive and mean in sports?

Another thing that made me believe in goodness again were all of the wonderful stepping up ceremonies and graduations from 3K to high school and college. To see our young children so happy and excited about school and moving on to the next grade or chapter in their life was so uplifting. Those smiles have been contagious and thank you parents for sharing with all of us on various social media sites. I am not sure what was funnier: the dancing or the singing!

As I go through the next few weeks, I will try to take the children’s optimism and smiles and try to pay it forward. Not to be cliché-ish but children are the future. They are young and have so much kindness. Let’s try to take a page from their books and be kind. The next time the traffic is backed up past my driveway and I cannot get out, I hope someone reads my column, and will try to be kind and let me get out of the driveway. The next time the light turns green, and I do not automatically step on the gas, maybe the person will give me a minute and not honk furiously.

In turn, I will try to do the same each day.

Congrats to Rockaway Little League and everyone who helps or coaches to keep a great activity going. To all of the graduates from 3K to college, good luck in the next grade or next chapter in your life. Keep smiling.

Have a good week everyone.

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