Wrestling Character Development

 Wrestling Character Development

A question I get asked frequently is: “How do wrestlers get their characters they portray???” Although we have covered this before, I understand that we have acquired new fans of the column, so let’s cover this topic again.

There comes a moment in a potential young wrestler’s life where he/she has to decide “what type of character will I be? What type of character do I want to portray: a superhero or an evil villain? What would my character wear, and how will my character act?” These are all very important questions that go into the making of a wrestler’s character, which would eventually lead to that wrestler potentially getting booked. 

When a promotion, especially the wrestling promoter and/or booker, is looking for new talent, one of the main aspects they look for is the character of the wrestler. Can the promotion invest into the character, is the character entertaining, can the wrestler portray the character he has created? All very important and potentially career-changing questions, and aspects of a wrestler’s future. A wrestler’s character can be an extension of his/her personal life, and it should be something that they feel comfortable doing. The character should be able to talk to and relate to the viewing audience. If the wrestling character is believable, it should allow the wrestling fan to immerse themselves into the character, and suspend disbelief, so they can live and enjoy every moment through that character. 

Whatever path a wrestler follows, he or she must always keep evolving the character, because in the end, it’s the character that will determine his or her future in the wrestling business.

The Question of the Week comes from Anna J. in Rockaway Beach, and she asked, “What do you think about the new WWE Heavyweight Title?” Anna, I have to say, I actually hate it! I am not impressed with it at all. I really feel they could have gone a different route in regards to the design. I honestly feel there’s too much going on design-wise, with the new title. Hey, call me old fashioned, but I like titles that are simple and do not have too much design to them. If anyone disagrees or agrees with me, please send me an email and let’s talk about it. Thanks for the question, Anna.

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