Beach 124th Co-Named for Linda Ruscillo

 Beach 124th Co-Named for Linda Ruscillo

By Katie McFadden

The corner of Beach 124th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd. is officially co-named Linda Ruscillo Way.

On Sunday, June 30, the Ruscillo family held an intimidate unveiling of the new sign on the corner of where the Ruscillo family lives. The co-naming was made possible due to legislation passed by Councilwoman Joann Ariola late last year.

Linda Ruscillo was a longtime community advocate, working closely with the 100th Precinct Community Council, and at the forefront of Rockaway’s many battles, including for Peninsula Hospital, against disruptive plane noise and to bring back the Rockaway ferry. She was also a big animal lover and advocate. Linda Ruscillo died on October 1, 2018, at age 70.

Her son, Scott Ruscillo, pulled the rope to unveil the sign on Sunday. “I decided months back that I wanted to memorialize my mom. Mom’s name will now forever be on our street. After all her love and dedication to helping others, she will always be remembered. Fifty to 100 years from now, someone may Google her name and see everything she did for others throughout her life,” Scott Ruscillo said.

“Linda Ruscillo was not just an advocate for this community. She was an inspiration, a role model, and a leader, to name just a few of her many titles,” Councilwoman Ariola said. “Through this street co-naming, we can make sure that all who pass by this corner will know her name and learn of her legacy, and we can be certain that generations of Rockaway residents and visitors will be aware of all that Linda did to make this neighborhood a better place for all.”


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