Boots On The Ground

Dear Editor:

With our streets, subway, and buses now under constant siege at the hands of violent criminals, there is another resource that could be tapped to put more law enforcement boots on the ground. Inasmuch as the MTA is a NYS Public Authority, then have the Governor sign an executive order transferring each and every one of the purported ‘State Police’ or ‘TBTA’ officers who patrol our roads, bridges and tunnels (who were assigned by former Governor Cuomo as a slap in the face to former Mayor de Blasio) and return highway patrols to the NYPD. Then immediately re-assign all of these ‘State Police’ Officers to 24-hour foot patrol of our public streets and transportation system in lieu of their issuing summonses for ‘mopary with intent to gawk’ or ‘reckless bicycle operation’. This reassignment of the troops will clearly increase a visible uniform presence in the public domain and will have these newly re-assigned officers engaging in the true police work as opposed to papering the general driving public at large. It can only help.

S. Agramonte

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