A Mermaid Love Story

Saturday, September 17 was the Poseidon Parade on the Boardwalk in Rockaway. It was a tremendous, colorful parade that brought out the best of Rockaway. People lined the boardwalk, joining in the revelry of the day, and a good time was had by all. Then during the post parade activities, I found myself on the beach and discovered three beautiful mermaids. After talking with them all, I was suddenly alone with the most beautiful and special of the mermaids. Using her special powers, she could read my mind and told me stories about the future. We spent many hours together that day, but then she had to return to the sea. Before she left, she kissed me and told me the kiss would give me special abilities. She also told me she would return to me one day.

So every day, I would sit by the ocean hoping I would see her again. Finally, one glorious day my mermaid did come back. She granted me many wishes, and for her I was awesome, and for me she was amazing. We were extremely happy with one another, and we talked of the past, the present, and the future. There were many amazing adventures, the love was growing between us, and it was expressed in so many ways. She said that she had never met anyone like me, whether on land or in the sea.

One day something happened that caused my mermaid much distress. She did not tell me what had happened, but it forced her to return to the sea, and she might not be able to return. I was devasted, more because I did not know exactly what had caused my mermaid such distress. She is gone now, I still love her so, and I will love her forever. Her memory is seared in my mind.

I miss her terribly, but for now I am once again waiting by the shore wishing, hoping, and praying that my mermaid will remember the love we shared, and will find it in her heart to tell what happened. If she can, I am waiting for the joyous day that my mermaid and I will once again be together.



A Poem for the Mermaid

I’m sorry if I hurt you

I don’t know what to say

I wish that you could tell me

Why you wouldn’t stay

We only hurt the ones we love

It seems that’s what we do

But one thing you ought to know

I will always be in love with you


I dream one day that you will see

That our shared love again could be

But you take all the time you need

As long as eternity

And I will be here waiting

For you to come back to me

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