Boyleing at the Ice Hotel

 Boyleing  at the Ice Hotel

Dear Editor:

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Kevin Boyle’s cruise commentary, “Norway Out,” especially his thoughts on the Ice Hotel. Back in 2008, my partner and I flew into the closest (yet very remote) airport and were then picked up by dog sled for the hour-plus journey to the Ice Hotel! It was definitely an experience! Yes, we slept on a slab of ice covered by reindeer skins in an ice room designed as, and appropriately named, The Crow’s Nest. And yes, we did have to pee in the middle of the night – throwing on boots and a hat – running outside in below zero temps (kaldt som faen!) to get to the communal bathroom before you-know-what froze off! However, it was all worth it when we were gently woken up the next morning by a kind soul at the entrance to our ice nest offering piping hot lingonberry juice. Exactly what was needed to warm the soul! We spent three days there and it still remains a travel high point!

Jeff George
Hilton Head, SC (and former Rockaway resident)

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