Bus Sense

Dear Editor:

Is it too early to send a letter to Santa? I wish Santa would give some of the bus drivers on the Q53 buses more brains or the MTA to get its act together and fix the mess on the corner of Beach 116th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard.

When three buses are sitting on Beach 116th Street and a bus comes west on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and tries to turn right onto Beach 116th, many times it can’t finish the turn and blocks traffic on Rockaway Beach Boulevard from moving past Beach 116th Street. It also blocks Beach 116th as well. And if he can make the turn, he has no place to park and blocks traffic or prevents people from getting out of their parking spot. The bus on Beach 116th closest to that corner can’t move forward and let the bus make the turn because of the bus in front of it. Or it can’t move because there are no drivers in the buses.

I once got trapped behind a bus trying to make the right turn and couldn’t move. I sat there and watched the light turn green, over and over again, with nothing moving. It took forever to get past Beach 116.

So, Santa, give the bus drivers enough common sense to sit at the bus stop on Rockaway Beach Boulevard  and the corner Beach 116th,  until the buses move up so he can make the turn and park. Or as he approaches Beach 116 St, radio in to move the buses so he can make the turn and park.

Mark Eidinger

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