Crack Down on Motor Bikes

 Crack Down on Motor Bikes

Dear Editor:

It seems a little better but last night I observed a moped, electric or gas, didn’t matter, going 30-plus miles per hour by the concessions, back and forth, popping wheelies!

At the same time, park rangers on ATVs were blowing whistles at swimmers at 6:30 p.m.

We put all this manpower on people choosing to swim, which could result in them dying, but where is the enforcement on the boardwalk for some young person who lacks the awareness that he could injury someone else?

The topper here is the signs the Parks Department posts one block away, making exceptions for e-bikes and e-scooters. Common sense should be no electric scooter or gas mopeds on the boardwalk. Get a park ranger who patrols the boardwalk like they do the waters before someone gets hurt.

And take down the signs that say there are exceptions, which basically mean there are none!!!

Kenneth WodZanowski

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