Creating Space

I invite you into a conscious space. Uncross your legs and lengthen your spine. Land your attention on your breath in your body. Keep your mind completely focused on the natural inhale and exhale for a number of breath cycles. Feel your shoulders drop, and your hips soften their grips. Remain focused on the breath. Softly repeat to yourself Thich Nhat Hanh’s mantra: “I have arrived, I am home.”

Over the past months, I find myself prioritizing the importance of consciously creating space in my daily life. As a single mother, new business owner, and teacher (to name a few), my schedule has gotten pretty full. I am blessed and grateful to be genuinely passionate about almost everything that keeps me busy. The opportunities in my life are wonderful and, as with any opportunity, they come with big responsibilities. Taking time to consciously create space (and not unconsciously fill it) has been monumental in helping me to keep my cup full and remain present and focused as I move through my days.

The beauty of space is that it is formless and there are so many ways that we can bring it into our lives. For example, we can make space in our environments by going through our things, clearing out, organizing, and cleaning up. Space in our surroundings naturally creates space in our bodies and minds. By keeping our homes tidy and peaceful, we become more tidy and peaceful inside. We can also make space by doing something to counterbalance whatever we are spending the most time on in our day-to-day. For example, if you work a 9 to 5 desk job every day, space could look like walking outside during your lunch break and attending that evening yoga class. Yet, if you work a very physical job, you may need an evening salt bath and time on an acupressure mat to decompress and neutralize. We can always quickly and effectively bring space into our bodies and minds with a few deep and conscious breaths (never underestimate the power of the breath). Space can look like turning off electronics, lighting a few candles, and sitting in silence. Journaling is another beautiful practice to create space.

As we can see, there are many ways to make space, but why do it? If we do not pause and take space, we continue moving forward without giving ourselves the opportunity to discern if our actions are helpful or harmful. In space, we get to let the dust settle and observe where it lands. It gives us the opportunity to reorganize our game plan and move forward in a more intentional way. We can have a goal and work toward it, but consistent pauses and reevaluations are essential for success. After all, I don’t want to achieve a goal only to gravely ignore and compromise another area of life. Space increases awareness and awareness increases success.

Profound healing happens in space. Whether our struggles are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a combination, space allows us to come home, sink into our bodies, and listen to the guidance and wisdom of our cells. Space enlightens us with clarity and alignment.

Creating space is a choice. We invite you to find your space in ours. Ocean Bliss Yoga Studio, located on the 3rd floor of the Belle Harbor Yacht Club, offers daily classes and monthly specialty workshops designed to bring calm and balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Join our studio at:

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