Curt on Curtis

 Curt on Curtis

Dear Editor:

When are people going to realize that Curtis Sliwa is nothing more than a self-serving, pompous bozo in a red cap? He yells and screams and guess what? We still get migrants moved into the places he gets arrested in front of. I went to the Floyd Bennet Field rally and thought to myself, why am I at a Curtis for Mayor rally? He doesn’t care about us, Rockaway or the migrant crisis. He cares about what he is going to talk about on his ridiculous show in the morning. Who is paying this guy for these stunts? He actually lives for our demise so he can pretend he cares and helps. I also heard he called our Council Member a b*tch on his show. I hope it’s because she called him out for being the loser that he is. Shame on the other guy who lives in my neighborhood too that’s on the radio. He’s starting to sound just like Curtis. Really something to aspire to. Curtis is a curse to anything he touches. Get a real job Curtis, for once in your life.

Carol O.

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