Response on Migrants

 Response on Migrants

Dear Editor:

Erin Silvetti is correct. For most Americans, our ancestors emigrated here from elsewhere. However, there are very significant differences between their experiences as immigrants and the current tidal wave of “asylum seekers.” First of all, our ancestors came here legally. They did not illegally sneak across our borders. When our ancestors arrived, they were vetted by U.S. Customs officials. Anyone who was not disease-free was deported. Also, they had to prove that they had both a place to live and a job waiting for them. If they did not, they were deported.

Like today’s immigrants, most of our ancestors were poorly educated, but they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and assimilated into this country. Today’s illegal immigrants are also poor, with few, if any, skills, and, more importantly, most are totally unvaccinated. They do not have jobs waiting but rather arrive here with their hands out, expecting us to feed, clothe, and house them, not to mention find jobs for them. This is unsustainable and, if it continues, will eventually bankrupt New York, especially when you consider that many taxpaying New Yorkers are already heading for the exits because of high taxes and crime. Also, most of the “asylum seekers” will not qualify for asylum, so then what? I’m sure we all support immigration, but it must be done legally. This invasion by illegal border crossers must stop.

Peter Galvin

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